Basically there were two main events that occurred on the same day , Mr prime minister of India announcing a surgical strike on black money and USA selecting Mr Trump as the 45th president of USA .

Unimaginable and unexpected ,  both these events had several impact on countries economies , direction ,vision and immediately on stock market.

Investors and analysts predicted further volatility for commodities from gold and oil to coal following Donald Trump’s election victory.

Mr. Trump’s opposition to international trade deals, could slow global economic growth and pull down commodities prices, some market participants said.

Crude-oil prices declined along with other markets as investors fled from risky assets in the immediate aftermath of Mr. Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election, but tides turned as the stock market bounced back.

 similar impact was seen on indian market .

Once the 500 & 1000 rs notes were demonetized , Those leaders who never cared for common men for decades , started feeling the pain for common man , every sort of acting was displayed 
--standing in the que with commoner to change the notes . 
--Taking the side of under privileged and poor who still do not have bank accounts in spite of ambitious mission of jan dhan yogna . 
--Just to ensure they are sympathizing with the common which was not really necessary.

For decades the common man had been paying taxes which the corrupt enjoyed like their birth right , hoarded the black money , and now they start feeling the pain.

For every big movement there will be implications a little pain which one has to into account . If this demonetization brings down the black money hoarding at least by 25% then its good for common man good for the country .

Is demonetization of Rs 500 , Rs 1000 good for the country ?

-as per the reports about 12 lacs crores of  fake currency in the form of Rs 500 and 1000 has been pumped into the Indian economy from enemies which directly benefits the enemy state and the terrorism.
- most of the black money hoarding is done in the higher denominations
- This step will expose the hoarders and will bring many into the tax net which will add benefit year on year.

This is the time when nation need to stand to support the move ,to support the moment against the Fake currency , against terror funding, against the black money  ,

one cannot expect the our brothers and sisters of armed forces to keep on defending the borders  while the culprits inside the country  hoard the black money and allow the enemy state to use the economy for their benefit with fake currencies, this has to end

This is the time to say , " I CARE  FOR MY COUNTRY " , I am part of this movement .

Indian economy is poised for a big bull run ,  And this is one step towards that goal.

Jai Hind 


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